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About us

AquAgri Processing Private Limited has developed new technologies to cultivate and harvest natural sea plants. The cultivated and processed sea plants are used to produce value-added products that have applications in a variety of industries such as Food Processing, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry.


The principles of the company are founded on a bed rock of knowledge and are driven by the need to constantly find innovative solutions that improve the livelihood opportunities of the growers and the company’s performance; while having a positive impact on the environment and enhancing the lives of the communities within which we operate.



Our Mission

Our mission is to establish Aqua-Agriculture as a sustainable livelihood vertical for the coastal communities by creating viable and scalable business models, whilst operating in a manner that is environmentally responsible and beneficial to society on the whole.

Our Vision

Our vision at AquAgri Processing Pvt. Ltd. is to become a global leader in Aqua-Agriculture and the sea plant based product markets by the use of knowledge and technology. We will strive to maximize shareholder value, provide opportunities for growth and improvement to our employees, provide creative and competitive solutions to our business partners, and above all, provide a sustainable livelihood opportunity to the self help cultivation groups who are our partners in this endeavour.