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Animal Nutrition

Aquafeed is a 100% natural feed supplement for optimization of livestock health. It is the most complete source of bio-available minerals, vitamins, and amino acids that contribute to animal health and wellness at all life stages.


Aquafeed is well-suited for a variety of livestock formulations including Dairy and Poultry. It has low dosage rates that are easily incorporated into commercial feed applications. It is a highly economical solution with minimal risks where producers can improve productivity and profitability of livestock operations.

  1. Improves feed utilisation
  2. Increases the absorption of nutrients; improving milk yield, fertility and health
  3. Improves fat level and iodine content in milk
  4. Builds resistance to disease (immune booster) by ensuring a complete balance of micronutrients
  5. Improves the rate of conception in dairy
  6. Provides essential roughage maintaining healthy intestinal function
  7. Improves general health and 10% reduction in incidence of Mastitis, Cow Fever, Goitre and Wormload

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  1. Increases absorption of nutrients thus improving feed conversion and live weight gain
  2. Contains Fucoxanthin A – producing xanthophylls in the gut (90-250 mg/kg) improving yolk colour
  3. Contains Carotenoids (30-60 mg/kg) and rich trace elements, which improve egg shell strength
  4. High fibre content improves intestine function

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